While most kids these days hold on to their smartphones and tablets, these young Pinoy lads meanwhile do what it takes to stay real. Showing their smarts and creativity, a group of teenage boys in Palawan just made their own RC plane-out of scrap materials!

In this video posted by Al Bonales on Facebook, a group of boys were seen on the road testing a handmade RC plane, which was built out of different light materials, including Styrofoam, paper and plastic. At the start of the clip the boys were even being teased by the older spectators who did not believe that their so-called invention will be able to take off, but after a few tries, it just flew up in the air!

The boys were all smiles upon seeing the successful flight, proving that they are able to do something genuine. The toy plane was attached with a remote control flyer with propellers, and was controlled smoothly by one of the boys.

This goes to show that Filipinos are truly creative, especially when not influenced by today’s trending tech gadgets. These boys should definitely be given the opportunity to explore more on their skills!

Scholarships for them, perhaps? Or better yet, improved public education to enhance their skills at their age!

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