An alarming video is going viral on the internet showing a pregnant woman being beaten by a mob while tied to a telephone pole.

A certain Miss Lu was mobbed by villagers in Henghan, China, after she was suspected of breaking in at one of the homes in the said town.

As shown in the video, one man beat her until she felt unconscious. He started pulling at her and kicking her while the pregnant woman was tied to the telephone pole. After she fell to the ground, a resident checked and tried to help her.

Lu has been known to be an experienced thief; last August she was caught in the house of another villager, a man named Feng, who found her stealing 900 Yuan. However, no charges were pressed against her, presumably because of her condition.

Reports were proven from her previous cases that she has been charged for theft three times and previously been detained.

After the incident, Lu was taken to the hospital and was soon discovered that she bore no severe injuries.

Meanwhile, police are investigating the incident while still checking woman’s condition after the public beating.

Source: Xolxol

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