TV host-actress Mariel Rodriguez with husband action superstar Robin Padilla (NPPA Images)
TV host-actress Mariel Rodriguez with husband action superstar Robin Padilla (NPPA Images)

MANILA, Philippines – TV host and actress Mariel Rodriguez posted her latest pregnancy test at the newest social networking site Instagram but removed it after few hours.

It has been two years now when Rodriguez married famous actor Robin Padilla but still now, there is no indication that the couple will be having the “fruit” of their love.

The pregnancy test posted by Mariel revealed “negative” results.

The image shown in her Instagram account posted this morning, February 20, was captioned by Mariel saying, “No baby!!! False alarm!!! Hahhaahhaha.”

Mariel posted next to that “pregnancy test result” post that she wants to have a baby with actor Robin Padilla after she turns 30 years old.

She said in another post: “I want to have a baby after I’m 30years old 🙂 I want to enjoy being a wife first then mother after ☺”

Meanwhile, when fans and reporters following the Mariel-Robin couple celebrities tried to see that recent posts of Mariel, it says “page not found” which later on admitted by the actress.

She said, in reply to the fan’s quest why it was removed, “Yes bec ang dami gusto may baby na. Hahahhaa afraid!!!”

In earlier interviews with the actor Robin Padilla, he said that as for now, he doesn’t want to have a baby first because of the nature of their work and that he wants the “exclusive care” of Mariel to only him.

He, however, told the press that having a baby is always welcome and it’s a God’s greatest gift to the couple but in the right time.

Mariel Rodriguez is a Kapatid; husband Robin Padilla is a Kapamilya, and they work for separate TV Company until last year when they decided to tie each other in one show. They created a web show called “Love on-line” or LOL aired over pinoyReal.TV.