​The witness swears to tell the truth during the DOJ prelim probe on Thursday.
​The witness swears to tell the truth during the DOJ prelim probe on Thursday.

Manila – Three neophytes of Tau Gamma Phi fraternity who survived the initiation rites with Guillo Cesar Servando stood as witnesses during the first hearing on the preliminary investigation of the hazing case.
During the prelim probe on Thursday, the neophytes named John Paul Raval, Lawrence Anthony Agustin and a minor gave details on the brutal hazing on June 28 that caused the death of Servando.

In the sworn statement of the underage neophyte submitted to the Department of Justice (DOJ), he said that they went first to the condominium unit of one of the suspects, Daniel Paul Martin Bautista, at One Archer’s Place on Taft Avenue, Manila as meeting place together with other fraternity members.

The minor also stated that he was instructed beforehand to bring ammonia while Servando was tasked to bring chilli to lessen the pain and refrain from passing out during the rites. They were also briefed to drink plenty of water and should take all the hits they will be given.

It was around 6 in the evening when the four neophytes were brought to a house in Palanan, Makati City said to be taken care by one of the frat “masters”, Jomar Pajarito. The paddling session took place at the garage of the house where he was the first one to be called and Servando the last.

The witness recalled, “I was hit several times with a paddle on the back of my thighs. I cannot remember how many hits they gave me; (maybe) about 100. When I was about to pass out, someone gave me ammonia and sili. They also gave me chocolates. Sometimes I was turned upside down so that I could recover. Despite these efforts, I passed out several times during the paddling session.”

The next phase was planking while holding the paddle inside the house according to the witness. They were hit by a belt for 30 seconds and were welcomed to the frat afterwards.

When the initiation rites ended around 9 pm, they went back to their meeting place. The witness said that Servando had been assisted by a fraternity member due to exhaustion.

Later around 10 when Servando passed out. Bautista, the “medic”, conducted cardiopulmonary resuscitation to revive him but Servando remained unconscious. He was then brought to Philippine General Hospital when a Red Cross rescue team arrived.

The De La Salle-College of St. Benilde students involved face charges of violation of Section 4 Republic Act 8049 of Anti-Hazing Law which sanctions four years to lifetime imprisonment for the crime of death by hazing.

ABS-CBN posted the complete list of the identified 20 respondents linked to Servando’s death:

  • Cody Errol Morales
  • Daniel Paul Martin Bautista alias “Pope”
  • Kurt Michael Almazan
  • Luis Solomon Arevalo alias “Louie”
  • Carl Francis Loresca
  • Esmerson Nathaniel Calupas alias “Emeng”
  • Hans Killian Tatlonghari alias “Hans Tamaring”
  • Jomar Pajarito
  • Eleazar Pablico III alias “Trex”
  • John Kevin Navoa
  • Vic Angelo Dy
  • Mark Ramos
  • Mike Castañeda
  • Justin Francis Reyes alias “Rey Jay”
  • Steve Jorge Peñano
  • Ma. Teresa Dayanghirang
  • Alyssa Federique Valbuena
  • alias “Kiko”
  • alias “Bea”
  • one Jane Doe

However, only four of the listed names appeared in the DOJ probe: Almazan, Solomon, Pajarito, and Peñano.

The first three affirmed their affidavits and have supplemented details of their participation in the incident to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) while the latter denied charges and said he was not part of the hazing.

Tau Gamma Phi La Salle Alumni Association Lawyer Raymond Fortun asked the DOJ panel of prosecutors the copies of the documents submitted by the suspects and witnesses.

The DOJ considers Servando’s case a “priority” besides the fact they have not yet issued an immediate arrest to the respondents involved in the brutal hazing.

Meanwhile Navoa, Calupas, Tatlonghari, and Pablico have already fled abroad according to the Bureau of Immigration.

Reinalore P. Guimbaolibot

Image Source: Inquirer

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