Three casualties were reported after a small ferry capsized yesterday in Quezon Province.

The Lady Aime ferry, a small passenger vessel en route to Alabat Island from Gumaca Quezon, was just 200 meters away from the shore when it sank to the sea at around 4:40 PM, said Chief Inspector Juan Byron Leogo.

The fishermen on the shore were able to help 60 passengers and four crew members to safety, but were not able to rescue the three passengers who eventually died.

According to Leogo, the incident was due to “sudden high and strong waves.” Overloading may also be a cause of the tragedy, as the boat’s maximum number of passengers is only less than 50.

The police report said that a portion of the boat was damaged by the waves.

The authorities meanwhile are looking at pressing criminal charges against the owners of the vessel.

Poor maintenance and loose regulations on ferries are often the cause of maritime accidents in country, to think that sea travel is a primary medium of transportation of Filipinos, both living in Manila and in the provinces.

A lot of accidents due to overloaded ferries have likewise claimed thousands of innocent lives, such as that of the Doña Paz ferry that left more than 4,300 dead after crashing with an oil tanker back in 1987.



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