Women often dress according to how they’re feeling that day.  You wouldn’t need mood rings to figure it out, just by the looks of the colors and patterns of what she wears you can already tell.  This much is true with the things she hides and the things she wants you to see.  I have done a little survey with few of my girls with my vote to have the last count, and these 3 body parts seem to stand out from the rest.


This came pretty easy to most girls; it is not a big surprise that this ranked first.  Although some girls are not that confident to show this but for me, it is one of the simplest assets a woman can flaunt.  You can still stay classy and elegant as you play with the length of your dress or trousers.  But, make sure to dress for the occasion always.


Not everyone consider this an asset but just like the legs, sometimes even if we are a little unsure of showing it, we are bound to because of climate and any other concerns that comes up.  Personally, this body part is a little tricky because the sleeve you were creates an illusion, sometimes making it look bigger or wider than it seems or make it thinner than it is.  So if ever you’re a little worried of your arms, try to look for pieces that make a great false impression.





All Image Above are from KoreanWholeSale Website

Women are far more confident to show their backs than their stomach.  Your back has probably the least scars, or other flaws that explain many of us women want to show off a smooth silky back.

Different women of course have different favorite body parts.  We are just unique that way, some of us choose to hide their legs or arms because let’s face it girls, we know ourselves too well to know.  We have enough paranoia, well, just a little bit to judge ourselves in front of the mirror before we take off to our little brunch, lunch date or dinner.  If there’s one thing we are most proud of it’s our famous intuition.