Dubai, UAE – Two Filipino lifeguards pleaded innocence in front of UAE (United Arab Emirates) Dubai Courts this very week over cases of negligence of duty causing the drowning of an Indian national in a hotel swimming pool last August, year 2012.

2 lifeguards

The UAE news site Gulf News reported, prosecutors indicted both Filipinos, aged 43 and 31, of negligence of duty, in failing to perform their tasks and duties which led to the victim’s drowning.


Recently this Thursday at the Dubai Misdemeanour Court, the two Filipinos denied accusations of negligence of duty they were pinned responsible for the 29-year old Indian National’s drowning.


The Indian victim had drowned minutes after diving straight into the pool floor at a day of swimming and entertainment with his brother and his family at Al Memzar Beach Park last August 2012.


According to previous reports, he instinctively jumped to dive into the four-meter-deep adult’s pool, but later drowned and sank in the middle of the swimming pool’s floor.


However, the two Filipinos instilled the pool was packed on that day the drowning of the victim happened, consequently asking the judge to postpone the hearing of the case on the said court until they find and hire a willing lawyer to defend their stories.


During the trial inquisitive, it is mentioned that the Indian’s elder brother said his children, his brother and himself went to spend the day at the pool around 3 p.m.


Few hours later, a gathering crowd was noticeable walking towards the poolside. He joined the crowd to know exclusively what happened only to found out his brother was the source of unlikely gathering.


He also added that his brother did not really know how to swim, further saying he spotted first-aid equipment accessible near the poolside.


Still, accused lifeguards claimed they were not responsible for the man’s drowning.


Said one of accused Filipinos, “The park accommodates around 150-200 swimmers. I was seated at the rescue tower watching out the swimmers meanwhile (the other Filipino) was checking around the park’s three pools. Suddenly a man came up to me and said he spotted the victim at the bottom of the pool drowned and motionless,”


Rushing and undoubting, he dived into the pool to save him, swam to the bottom and pulled out the victim’s body out of the water.


“(W)e tried to resuscitate him and then he was rushed to hospital. Later we were told that he died,” one of the Filipinos said.


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