In this time when most people think they’ll be “forever alone”, here’s this young man from Barangay Sampao, Lutayan, Sultan Kudarat who got married to two women at the same time. Isn’t that what we call “luck”?

The lucky man, 22-year old Razul Timbukong married Jarah Mendoza Labangin, 20; and Thelma Guipal, 24.

the 2 legal wives

Before the big wedding happened, Razul was made to choose between the two – Jarah and Thelma. The situation appeared as if Razul was “torn between two lovers”.

So, here’s the real deal. Razul and Jarah have been in a relationship until the two decided to get married. However, Thelma suddenly showed up claiming that Razul also promised marriage to her.

Because of that incident, it has been decided that Razul would be married to the two women.

According to Jarah’s sibling, their parents highly opposed that the three would get married which is just a normal reaction of parents knowing your daughter would not be exclusively married to her husband-to-be. But, they cannot do anything because it has been reported that Razul spent a big amount of money for the dowry.

On the other hand, Razul will be fined with P120,000 if he will take back his promise of marriage to Thelma – a situation which he cannot escape from.

The three of them got married in a Muslim wedding at Barangay Sampao, Lutayan, Sultan Kudarat.

They are all living in one house. However, one of them already went abroad.

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