At least 16 people have been reported dead after the massive blizzard coined as ‘Snowzilla’ clobbered Arkansas, Kentucky, New York, North Carolina, Maryland and Virginia while over 200,000 people are left without power.

The destructive snowstorm first arrived in the US on Friday (January 22) causing a shutdown in New York and Washington DC, leaving 85 million residents stranded. It also caused more than 4,400 flights to be cancelled and an issued travel ban across the affected states.

Moreover, the said snowstorm also caused the destruction of a few establishments as well as buried vehicles and marooned motorcyclists. Business was also affected due to closed museums, shuttered show, canceled performance and rescheduled sports matches.

Frozen Bridge: Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn, New York, USA
Frozen Bridge: Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn, New York, USA

According to forecasters, the storm dumped 22.2 inches (56 centimeters) of snow in Washington and 25.1 inches in New York’s Central Park, which is the third highest recorded accretion since 1869, creating unsafe roads, low visibility and extremely cold weather. They also reported that there are threats of flooding due to strong winds, especially in the streets of New Jersey.

However, forecasters say that the snowstorm would be tapering off by early Sunday (January 24) and then the travel ban can be lifted off and the cities would be operational again.

US officers have estimated Snowzilla’s total damage to $1 billion.

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