Leslie Jabayjay, an 11 year-old child who stood up as a mother of her 4 siblings for almost 3 years after their mother abandoned them turns viral on social media today.

As the eldest, Leslie takes care of her four siblings while their father, Armando Jabayjay Sr., works as a carpenter and only goes home every Sunday. Armando trusted Leslie very much and sees her as a responsible daughter. He often gives the budget money to Leslie since his work is a bit far from their home. Leslie takes care of everything including all the household chores while their father is not around.

Leslie was abandoned by their mother when she was only 9 years old. Armando admitted that it is really hard for him to be the only one who provides the daily need of his children that’s why he strives to work in any available legal jobs even if it’s hard as long as he’ll be able to provide food for his children. Since his work is a bit far from them, he is worried about the safety of his children especially at night. However, he admits that he had no choice than to endure this agony just to provide the needs of her children.

Their family originally came from Negros Occidental but because of his father working in Quezon City, they were forced to live in Bulacan.

Leslie and her 4 siblings, Armando Jr. who is 9 years old, Gboy who is 8 years old, Amy who is 6 years old and Carlo who is 4 years old, have not even provided with their educational need. However, Leslie, as an understanding daughter said that she isn’t mad that their father doesn’t able to send them to school because she knows that they are poor and they can’t afford it.

It was also discovered that Leslie and her 4 siblings are underweight for their age and suffer from malnutrition. Leslie said that when they already have nothing to eat, they would just sleep and sometimes drink coffee to satisfy their hunger.

A child with the age of 11 years old should be the one who’s taken care of, but in Leslie’s situation, she struggles to be the mother of her four siblings.

After her story went online, Leslie received an outpouring support coming from the netizens. Some extend their noble hands as they offer their support to Leslie’s family.

Reported by: Lazada, Luciell. Lacson, JhonPaul. Germinal, Bill. 

Source: trending.ph 

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