Photo courtesy of Edgar Daling
Photo courtesy of Edgar Daling

By Amelia Fe D. Mancera


Just a few weeks ago, I attended my friend’s wedding. It wasn’t the first time I attended such event, yet I ended up like a first timer because through it all, I have been observing, looking out at almost everything— decorations, chairs, tables, sponsors, guests, dresses, shoes, food, wedding cakes, wines, program, singing, partying etc.

And while I was about to table hop and join my friends and acquaintances, the newlywed couple came to me and asked if I could join them for chitchat. Of course, I gracefully accepted the invite. They told me about the wedding preparations, from budgeting, decorations, bookings, food, invitations to choosing and ordering the cake. And since they don’t know much of wedding planning, they only had their family’s advice and recommendations as to where to find suppliers.

To their dismay, the payments to some vendors were not that worthy and they realized that they had spent too much for poor services.

They told me how disappointed and unhappy they were of how things turned out and wished they could have called up somebody who knows all these things. It could have saved them money, time and effort.

A few hours later, while on my way home, I was remembering all the things the newlywed couple told me about and after recalling the weddings I have attended, I was reminded of one important thing that small and young cities like Maasin (capital of Southern Leyte province) don’t take into account—we must hire a wedding planner!

As google puts it, “A wedding planner coordinates all of the details involved in the process. This includes ordering flowers, negotiating contracts with a photographer and videographer, arranging for musicians and properly booking all wedding vendors, advise on color selections, ceremony and reception locations and menu choices, maintaining professional contacts among a variety of wedding service providers, including catering companies, reception halls, florists, DJs and more.”

As I’ve said, small and young cities like Maasin are in need of wedding planners whose services are much sought-after in big cities, especially abroad. One reason could be the lack of information and understanding about them.

Most people still don’t know how important having one is. They don’t get the whole picture why we should hire wedding planners. People think it’s, “dagdag-gastos or doble-gastos lang” when they could just ask their friends or relatives about the preparations. And this style is very, very common in small urban and rural areas.

So, let me give you some very salient points and insights why we should be more open to this, why a wedding planner should be hired.

Hiring a wedding planner allows the couple to get everything they want for the most awaited dream wedding without hassles, arguments and doing much of real hard work. It is the wedding planner’s job to take care of almost everything – from keeping on budget, contacting vendors, planning stage, decorations, to the wedding day – just the way you want it and how you dreamed it to be.

So all you have to do is choose which is which and the planner will make sure that things are done according to your taste and style, have them ordered and made, and delivered on schedule while you just patiently wait.

This means that you have much time to relax and spend intimately with family and friends before your big day.

One of the most important elements in planning a wedding is time. When a wedding planner is hired, it certainly saves time and effort. Since wedding planning is such a strenuous and complicated job, it can really tire the couple, making them stressful before, during and even after the wedding day.

It would take hours, days and months of thinking, brainstorming, budgeting, planning and finalizing things to get what you really want. Getting a wedding planner will definitely save one from these exhausting tasks.

On the wedding day, there may be unexpected events or emergencies which may occur: arrival of someone uninvited, mood swings of ring bearers and flower girls, typhoon or thunderstorm, absence of sponsors, sick wedding performers or singers, and a lot more.

Since the wedding planner has enough experience and trainings in dealing with incidents like these, the bride and groom will just sit back and relax because the planner takes care of everything even without the couple noticing it.

Based on my observations and experience, I highly recommend that you hire a wedding planner. Yes, you will pay for the planner’s services but the fee will more than pay off for your stress, hassles and pressure.

Besides, the wedding planner has a lot of solid suppliers’ contacts, those with best services and that you may even acquire discounts.

You don’t want to have those eye bags on your wedding day, right? So, don’t stress yourself.

Hire a wedding planner, unwind with loved ones and look forward to that day when you finally tie the knot!


About the Author: Teacher, model, image consultant and freelance host, Amelia Fe Mancera is the proprietor/general manager at Ocasiones Alta, an event planning and organizing company based in Maasin city, Southern Leyte. Contact / 0917 306 1247 .

About the Photographer: Edgar Daling is a freelance photographer based in Maasin city, Southern Leyte. For appointment, contact / 0935 549 0968 .


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