Fiona cologne has been the foremost choice of most ladies as their choice of favorite cologne. The scents are inclined with the feminine spirit and are able to represent any lady in waiting.

Rosy Red

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Fiona Cologne’s Rosy Red will make you feel love all over. Keep feeling fresh and clean from morning until night. With its sweet and rosy scents, you can just keep spreading the love with every splash!


Bubbly Pink

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Bring out your inner bubbly girl persona with Fiona Cologne Bubbly Pink! Everyone will love to be around you if they get a whiff of the bubbly fruity-floral scents of peaches and cassia flowers.


Pretty Mist

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If you feel that you’re missing something from your pretty Sunday dress, then Fiona Cologne’s Pretty Mist is your answer. This sunshine in a bottle will surely bring out your pretty persona with every splash!


Ice Glacier

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Is it dress down day at your school? Great! Don’t forget to bring along Fiona Cologne Ice Glacier with you and keep feeling your inner cool girl with scents of fruits and lavender to electrify your classmates with your personality.  


Raspberry Drops


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Beautifully sweet, Fiona Cologne Raspberry Drops will mesmerize you with a lush blend of berrylicious raspberry, white flowers, and white musk. No one would be able to resist your charm with this scent on.


Cool Burst cologne 1

For girls who love to go on a fruity adventure, Fiona Cologne Cool Burst is perfect for you. With a fruity sweet fragrance of cucumber, melon, and musk, anyone who smells it will surely be captivated and left wanting more.


Snow Breeze

Best Cologne Philippines

Girls! Refresh and unwind now! Revitalize your senses back to life with every splash of the cool and energizing Fiona Cologne Snow Breeze and be ready again to seize any new and awaiting adventure, head on!


Youthful Bliss

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Fiona Cologne Youthful Bliss will enchant you with a fruity fragrance, complemented with the floral notes of freesia, jasmines, and the enticing aroma of sandalwood. This mix will surely leave you in nostalgia.


From the sporty gal to the romantic lady, no girl would be left out and not one would smells as great as ever. And with their premium fragrances, you can definitely find the one cologne that sings your heart out.

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