If you thought Filipinos were the only ones admiring Korean (particularly K Pop) celebrities, think again. Turns out, some Koreans are into our local celebs too.

A Buzzfeed-style video shows Koreans reacting to photos of local stars and sharing their thoughts on whose looks they like, and who they think looks young and old for their age.

Among the celebrities featured are:

Julia Barretto – They thought she looks “pure and kind,” but rather mature for her age, expressing shock over her birth year—1997.

Daniel Padilla – The first thing they noticed was Padilla’s deep double eyelids. Koreans are known for their fixation of having double eyelids (which many East Asians don’t have) going as far as spending thousands on cosmetic surgery to get them.

Kathryn Bernardo – The Koreans noted once more how Kathryn looks older for her age, wondering if Filipinos like their idols to look more mature. Although they think Kathryn looks glamorous, they wondered if she would look better with Korean style makeup.

Other celebrities featured in the video include Marian Rivera, and Liza Soberano.

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