Trixie Maristela, who was recently crowned as Ms. Gay Manila 2015, shared on Facebook of how she was insulted and denied of entrance to Valkyrie Nightclub in Taguig on June 13.

“My sister was about to go in as well after getting her purse and ID checked but she was waiting for me. Then this lady security personnel told me that I am not dressed properly. So I asked what was wrong with my outfit. Then she suddenly pointed at the dress code policy by the entrance and insisted that I should be wearing the proper attire for males,” Trixie explained.

Trixie, who is also the winner of Super Sireyna on a noontime show, defended her right since she was dressed accordingly and has been frequenting the club.

But the security insisted that she should wear man’s clothes based on her ID.

“They didn’t even refer to me as a cross dresser,” she added.

They later found out that the only way to get in is to purchase a VIP table. This even insulted her so they transferred to a different club across Valkyrie and paid for a VIP table there.

“It is absurd that they don’t allow trans individuals due to their problematic and stringent dress code policy, but that they can actually disregard these rules when money is thrown at them,” Trixie commented.

She also shared her concern to other LGBT member who experienced such discrimination.

The post instantly went viral and netizens shared their support for Trixie, their same experience from the club, and their rage towards the management of the club.






Chia yin

Meanwhile, other netizens pointed out that this is just a publicity strategy by the owners of the club.



Strike Two

Trixie Maristela isn’t the only one who got insulted and discriminated by the security personnels of Valkyrie Nightclub.

Veejay Flores, a transgender top fashion designer, was also denied of entrance in the same club on June 20.

“He is still a man,” the bouncer said even after showing Floresca’s California State ID that showed her female name and gender marker.

Valkyrie already apologized to Floresca stating that the management do not discriminate transgender individuals but that the refusal of entry was for their safety.

According to Rappler, Geena Rocero, a fashion model and transgender rights advocate, said that the management’s apology was incomplete and many advocates were not satisfied.

Even Vice Ganda, popular host and comedian, expressed his thoughts of the incident and even threatened to pull out his share from the club.


Yssa Acosta
Leyte Normal University

Sources: Facebook post, Rappler

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