Filipinos have been very passionate about beauty pageants. They’ve always followed the journey of their favorite candidates until the finals. Miss Universe, Miss International, and others… Name it, a Filipino is always one of the runner ups of the pageant. This makes beauty pageants the talk of the town. The Question and Answer is also the most awaited part of the event.

Watch this Mister International 2015 Q&A video uploaded by Facebook user JessixResuelloSia:

In just a few hours after the video was uploaded, it has gone viral. Currently, it has more than 497000 views, more than 6600 shares, more than 3400 reactions and nearly 3000 mixed comments.

Here are some of the comments that laughed Miss Thu Vu:
Racist In The Web

and some comments that defend her:

Defend The Queen

When you check the comments section of the video, many people laughed because the judge wasn’t able to pronounce the question properly. Facebook users, mostly Filipinos, became very judgmental about it saying that they didn’t even understand what the judge was talking about.
The judge in the video was Miss Southeast Asian 2014 Thu Vu.

Miss Thu Vu

She was tasked to ask Mister International 2015 contestant Sang-Jin Lee.

Mr Korea Contestant

Thu Vu’s voice was very soft. Her English pronunciation was not that good that’s why it was difficult for the listeners to understand what she’s trying to say. But, it is understandable if she doesn’t have the best English pronunciation. Thu Vu is from Vietnam, and English isn’t their country’s first language.

Thankfully, Vice Ganda, which was also one of the judges, was there to help. Vice Ganda repeated Thu Vu’s question: “What do you think is the essence of winning this pageant?” 

Sang-Jin Lee answered the question well and ended as the 2nd runner up of Mister International 2015.

If you happen to be in a situation like this, don’t laugh at the person for not being proficient in English. Help them instead!

Note: Our FB Captions and some of the context found in our site really have a wrong grammar to see the reaction of people about racism in the country.

Racism Caption

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