I Do Bidoo Bidoo’s cast. Photo courtesy of PaulGeniusBoy.Blogspot.com


Only a few more weeks until the world sees the latest projects of Monique Wilson and Ogie Alcasid who, together, are starring of yet one of the most moving musicals in the history of Philippine Entertainment.

According to sources, Ogie Alcasid has been feeling very enthusiastic about the musical as he will be sharing the big screen with the all-time movie sensations such as Gary Valenciano, Zsa Zsa Padilla, and Eugene Domingo and some of the youngest but most promising stars in the industry in the movieoke, “I Do Bidoo Bidoo: Heto nApo Sila,” and more so, because this upcoming musical was under the direction of Director Chris Martinez.

Some of the featured songs that will be used in the musical are those of the Apo Hiking Society. Expected to be shown on August 29, the film mirrors a realistic and modern Filipino setting, with stories of young love and its downsides.

Monique Wilson herself is a teacher at a drama school in London, but she has decided to focus on absorbing and internalizing her roles on upcoming Filipino musicals. Because of this, a lot of expectators have held their hopes high about the success of the coming musical with Ogie Alcasid.

Playing the roles of King and Anna, respectively, a stage version of the musical at the Manila Polo Club was starred by former Vice President Doy Laurel and Celia Diaz-Laurel many years ago.

The upcoming and and highly anticipated musical, “The King and I,” will be Monique Wilson’s first acting project in a long time. In her highly applauded role in the musical “My Name is Rachel Corrie,” she has played her role stunning well as she performs more on acting and singing – two of Monique’s best assets in the musical industry.  A lot of people, mostly her fans and friends from the industry, has expressed how moved they were about her outstanding performance and commitment to the industry, even as she has been having her own struggles.

One would not expect that the lively Monique is actually on the process of fighting against her newly diagnosed disease which is cancer.

As a reward for them giving out everything they’ve got, let’s wish for it to successfully accepted by the audience!