Miss Philippines Ariella Arida wearing her gorgeous smile during the photo shoot. - Photo taken from Miss Universe official Facebook page
Miss Philippines Ariella Arida wearing her gorgeous smile during the photo shoot. – Photo taken from Miss Universe official Facebook page

Manila – Miss Philippines Ariella Arida has just given Filipinos another pride as she was chosen to be part of Nobu Moscow Event. The organizers of Miss Universe have only ten delegates to participate in an event at the Nobu Moscow Restaurant and Arida is one of them.

Included in the list are Miss Peru, Miss Japan, Miss Puerto, Miss Ukraine, Miss Russia, Miss France, Miss Spain, Miss Dominican Republic, and Miss Czech Republic.

Reigning Miss Universe Olivia Culpo will be joining the ten contestants during the event. Meanwhile, as one of the sponsors of Miss Universe and the owner of the said restaurant, Chef Nobu Matsushisa will serve as of the judges.

Another feather to her cap

Just recently, Ariella Arida bagged the “Ice Princess” title for the glam shoot of the 2013 Miss Universe held in Moscow, Russia.

Arida topped the rest of the Miss Universe candidates for the said title with photographer Fadil Berisha all praising her with her ability to “transform her looks in any way as long as she wishes.”

Berisha added that Arida has become one of the favorites for the crown.

She was followed by Miss Spain as first runner-up, Miss Great Britain as second runner up while Miss South Africa and Miss Australia completed the top 5, respectively.

Meanwhile, representatives from Poland, Venezuela, The Netherlands, Ecuador, Romania, Brazil, Russia, Croatia, and Turkey made it to the Top 15 glam shoot competition.

The said title will widen Arida’s chances to be in the Top 16 of the Miss Universe beauty contest who will be selected tonight during the preliminary competition at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow.

Aside from the “Ice Princess” title, Arida is considered as one of the popular bets to be this year’s Miss Universe as predicted by at least five betting sites in UK and USA with 2/1 odd. Included as this year’s popular bets are Miss USA, Miss Panama, Miss Poland and Miss Myanmar.

Undying support from Filipinos

Filipinos in Russia have their full support for Ariella Arida. Since her arrival in Russia, she has been greeted by cheering supporters from the Filipino community.

As the 62nd Miss Universe beauty is getting nearer, Arida’s supporters continue to buy tickets just to make sure that Arida will have a cheering crowd during the event. More than 200 tickets are already bought by Filipinos and many are still buying.

On the other hand, for those who are willing to support Arida via online, The 2013 Miss Universe Official Fan Vote is ongoing until November 8. To vote, go to http://www.missuniverse.com orhttp://www.telemundo.com.

The preliminary round will be held on Nov. 5 where 16 semifinalists will be chosen while the final round is on November 9 in Moscow. (Mary Sharmaine I. Gabornes, ABCom/LNU)