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Lea Salonga onboard The Voice

photo from: www.purlp.com

photo from: www.purlp.com

One of the Filipino artists that made the entertainment business internationally, Lea Salonga, is confirmed to be one of the coaches of ABS – CBN’s new TV show, The Voice.

The Voice has been successful in the United States and has landed now on a land with a pool of talents, the Philippines.

The confirmation followed after rumors have been floating around that Salonga was excluded in the judging line-up because she is already committed with ‘Kanta Pilipinas,’ a TV show in TV5.

A promotional video already aired starring the Diva, to further attest to the Broadway Diva’s inclusion on the show.

Salonga was nicknamed “The Voice that Conquered the World”, joins coaches Sarah Geronimo, “The Voice of Pop” and Bamboo Mañalac, “The Voice of Rock”.

The said promotional video debuted Wednesday’s episode of ABS – CBN’s primetime series “Juan Dela Cruz.”

What can you say boss?


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