Kim Chiu and Maja Salvador
Kim Chiu and Maja Salvador

MANILA, Philippines-After almost a year, estranged bestfriends, Kim Chiu and Maja Salvador are reported to have finally settled the conflict regarding the latter’s relationship with Gerald Anderson.

The reconciliation was confirmed through a tweet on host Ogie Diaz’ Twitter account on March 30. “Yehey! Bati na pala sina @dprincessmaja at @prinsesachinita last week. Nagkita sila at nagkatsikahan na. #SarapNgFeeling,”

The columnist also added that Kim and ex-boyfriend, Gerald, have already patched things up too. “Usap na din sina gerald at @prinsesachinita kanina. Nagbibiruan pa nga sila. All’s well that ends well. “Sarap ng walang kaaway!” –kim”

Kim and Gerald were seen talking during a Dreamscape event on that same day.

According to a source, it was Maja who initiated the reconciliation. This was a confirmation to her statement an interview. “In time. Magugulat na lang kayo Gugulatin na lang namin kayo, ‘Ay, okay na pala sila!’”

It can be remembered that the conflict started while Kim and Maja were still doing Ina, Kapatid, Anak.