Kelly Osbourne photo from Corbis
Kelly Osbourne
photo from Corbis

Following the reports on Kelly Osbourne’s recent hospitalization, there have been updates about the Fashion Police host’s health.

Osbourne collapsed on the set of Fashion Police and was hospitalized for further tests and observation.

Although nothing has been diagnosed, TMZ reports that doctors said Osbourne could be epileptic.

The seizure was far more serious than first suspected and doctors are still running some tests, according to sources close to Osbourne that told TMZ.

Professionals are also saying that there’s a possibility of Osbourne having epilepsy, though it’s possible it was just an isolated incident.

It has also been revealed by insiders that she’ll remain in the hospital for a few more days.

Osbourne’s latest tweet: “My life is now like an episode of House = an impending fight against death and the look of fear in everyone’s faces!”

Kelly Osbourne's latest tweet photo from Twitter
Kelly Osbourne’s latest tweet
photo from Twitter