Image from Noypistuff

A wide smile can be seen on Katrina Halili’s face as she declares that she is now ready to give birth to a baby girl. The actress is so much excited to finally see the baby in her womb and be a new proud mom.

Any day within this week will be her schedule to give birth. In fact, her close friends prepared a baby shower party for her. Many of her non-showbiz friends attended but lots of her showbiz friends are also present in the party.

The actress shared that this will be a new chapter of her life because this is the first time that she will be having a baby. She also added that she’s envious of those who already have their babies. She’s been dreaming that someday she will have her own baby and the time has finally arrived for it to come to pass. She emphasizes that being a new mother doesn’t need a preparation.

It’s just normal that any first time mom will feel nervous with the condition that she has. But Katrina stated that her whole family especially her boyfriend Kris Lawrence is there to support her so there’s no nothing to worry about.

“Malapit lang naman yung hospital. So, anytime, madali lang akong maitatakbo pag ramdam ko nang manganganak na ako”, she said.

The overall appearance of the actress is obviously noticeable that she’s fat now because of her condition. But the reflection of her face is perceptible that she’s happy right now. She wants a normal delivery and she is scheduled to give birth at St. Luke’s Hospital which is located at E. Rodriguez Sr., Quezon City.

The actress’ life in the showbiz industry has been very controversial because of the hot issues that were connected to her name.  She was not afraid to show to everyone especially to those people who are judging her that those terrible experiences that she’d been through have been so painful for her.

No one even expected that she will find a man that will love her and accept her as she is. Kris truly loves her very much and he has already proved it. He is even more excited to see the baby. Katrina’s awful past controversies did not hinder her to experience a fulfilling life by having a family that will complete her life. Everyone in this world deserves a happy a happy and satisfying life.