Justin Bieber in London photo from Corbis
Justin Bieber in London
photo from Corbis

Teen pop sensation Justin Bieber passed out and was admitted after he collapsed during his O2 Arena concert in London.

The biebs still had 4 more songs to perform when he felt a lightheaded then he fainted backstage, according to TMZ.

He was reportedly treated with oxygen by medics in a private room.

According to TMZ sources, Bieber was told to go to a hospital but refused, insisting on finishing the show for his fans.

Nobody could forget the concert where he also vomited on stage because of food poisoning but the professional that he is, plus he would not want to turn down his fans, continued to perform.

So this incident is not at all surprising where the biebs still choose to go on despite feeling sick but this is a little bit serious.

Scooter Braun, the biebs’ rep reportedly went on stage and informed the audience about Bieber’s condition.

Braun put in plain words, “Justin’s got very light breath… the whole show he’s been complaining, he’s backstage with the EMTs and the doctor.”

When Bieber felt a little bit better, he decides to put on the biebs’ moves and continued the concert.
He performed up to the last song of the show.

Fans felt he deserved and gave him a standing ovation to applaud his professionalism, the report said.

After the concert, he was then hospitalized for further medical examination, evaluation and treatment.

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