Bro’s! Having a little bit of issue with what to wear for the week? No problem! We’ve got your back. Just grab a pen and listen close.

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For the guys who love a clean yet casual look, go for a casual side-swept do with your shirts and a jeans combo. Choose a comfy pair of chucks or topsiders for ease on every step.
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For those who love to go dapper but not all the way, oxfords, a pair of dark denims with a white-longsleeved button that’s cuffed on the elbows would go perfectly with an up-styled crew cut.
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For the inner gentlemen, a suit and slacks combo over desert boots would be the perfect base for your satchel and watch. Top it all with a side fade that goes up just right.


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For the guys with a man bun (and a beard), grab your topsiders and pair them with your jogger pants and polo shirt and you’re good to go.


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For the inner rebel, your skinnies and chucks (sneakers) are the only thing you need with your statement t-shirt. A spiky hair is somewhat a must-have for you.


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Mohawks are tough to pull off. But if you’ve got a pair of denims, a white shirt under your jacket (leather, preferably) and a pair chelsea boots, you can rock this look without much effort.


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Dub it up with an undercut and an rugged look. Go for a pair of dark jogger pants, boots and a shirt and you’re good to go.


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Chill and flow with the vibe with a brushed up do. A simple pair dress short, a printed tank top and loafers is all you need to take it one step at a time.


Got those down? Awesome! We’ll see you in the streets. Oh yeah. Don’t forget about your trusty #GripsEasyStyleEasyWash for that ultimate hairstyle moment.

Keep calm and rock on!