Anne Curtis stung by box jellyfish. -Photo by ABS-CBN
Anne Curtis stung by box jellyfish. -Photo by ABS-CBN

Manila, Philippines – Kapamilya star Anne Curtis was brought to the hospital after a box jellyfish stung her on Wednesday night during taping in San Juan, Batangas.

The “Dyesebel” star is currently confined at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig and is being monitored by doctors for her rashes and heartbeat.

Despite the accident, Anne took time to tweet and update her fans with her situation.

She also advised her followers to be careful when swimming in the beach.

Anne also tweeted that she is very thankful that she is still alive.

Several studies revealed that box jellyfish is one of the most venomous animals on earth and can cause death.

The National Geographic reported that “survivors can experience considerable pain for weeks and often have significant scarring where the tentacles made contact.”

Meanwhile, British newspaper “The Telegraph” reported that “the venom of the box jellyfish is so overpoweringly painful that victims often go in shock and drown or die of heart failure before reaching shore.”

“There is no effective antivenom for its sting, which attacks the heart, nervous system and skin, inducing shooting muscle pain, vomiting and a rapid rise in blood pressure,” the newspaper further revealed.