One of South Korea’s top DJs, DJ Soda, is rumored to have had plastic surgery, this according to reports that surfaced online. Alleged photos of the Korean beauty taken when she was in high school recently made their way into social media, showing a drastic difference to her appearance now.

DJ Soda Surgery

If the pictures truly are of Soda, the results speak for themselves. She seems to have had work done on her cheeks and most likely on her nose.

Of course, this isn’t really surprising, given the cosmetic surgery culture of South Korea, where teenagers graduating from high school are given a plastic surgery operation or two for the accomplishment.

DJ Soda South Korea

Yet despite this pervasive phenomenon, many South Koreans still place a premium on natural beauty. For instance, they were not pleased when comedienne So-young Park was busted for having a nose job after Koreans scrutinized images of her CT Scan.

Likewise, many of DJ Soda’s fans are split on the celebrity’s plastic surgery. Several have come to her defense, while others are up in arms over the obvious artificial work done on her face. But with cosmetic surgery being so common in the country, it’s surprising how so many South Koreans still care about it.

Source/ Images: Lillipop

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