Claudine Barreto

MANILA – After making headlines over the weekend for being seen with her two children and estranged husband Raymart Santiago, Claudine Barretto sent her Instagram followers abuzz again by posting a picture of her niece, Dominique Cojuangco.

Cojuangco is the only daughter of Gretchen Barretto with businessman Tony Boy Cojuangco.

“My Beautiful Niece!” Claudine wrote, followed by hashtags #proudtita, #beautifulinsideout, and # kiligmuch.

She reposted the same photo with a longer message: “I’m so proud of [you] Dominique! You to me are the most beautiful here” followed by hashtags #proudtita, #pretty&Iluvher, #ProudAunt, and #Kiligmuch.

Just last month, Claudine granted “The Buzz” a tell-all interview where she accused Gretchen of being “heartless” and a “liar.” In the same interview, Claudine also said she no longer wants to be affiliated with Gretchen in any way.

Moreover, Claudine has been engaged in a highly-publicized squabble with her sisters Gretchen and Marjorie, and even with her estranged husband.

On Saturday and Sunday, she posted photos of her family with Santiago.

Meanwhile, one of Claudine’s followers on Instagram expressed hope that her recent posts about her niece would signal reconciliation among the sisters.

“Sana ito ang umpisa na magkaayos kayong magkapatid,” shayangele78 wrote.

“Definitely time heals all wounds…”another follower wrote.

“Whoever is behind Caudine’s sort of transformation (may it be a therapist, an spiritual adviser, a concerned relatives)…good job and keep it up. All we want is peace for their entire family. May God heal their family and restore their relationships,” a netizen also commented via facebook.

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