Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz reunites in their most daring movie ever. Photo credit to Star Cinema.

“Layuan mo ang asawa ko. Tagalog yan para maintindihan mo.” – Hilda Koronel to Bea Alonzo

In celebration of John Lloyd Cruz & Bea Alonzo’s 10th anniversary as a love team, Bea and John Lloyd top billed Star Cinema’s latest mature film offering, The Mistress which will open in Philippines theaters this September 12. Another masterpiece by Olivia Lamasan.

A braver and fiercer Bea Alonzo will surprise us in The Mistress set as her reunion movie with original tandem John Lloyd Cruz. According to Bea, The Mistress is one grand celebration of a decade of her team up with Lloydie.

The Mistress will be Bea Alonzo’s most daring role to date, playing the title role as the mistress named Sari whose benefactor Rico (Ronaldo Valdez) was way older. Bea and Ronaldo will have intimate scenes in the movie.

According to Bea, when she received the script, she sat down with her family and talked about how she will handle the said role. Mr. Ronaldo Valdez even gave her some pointers on how she will feel at ease working with him since they used to play as Father and Daughter in their telenovela at ABS-CBN “Betty La Fea. He was also challenged with the benefactor role since he used to play as a “father” but this time, he also has a family and Sari to begin with. On the other hand, Ronaldo praised Bea Alonzo for being very professional on her craft. According to him Bea is a very witty and strong woman, she will go a long way.

Playing Ronaldo Valdez’s wife is award-winning actress Hilda Koronel while John Lloyd Cruz will be Sari’s suitor named JD. Hilda Koronel said she was convinced to do the movie because she really felt it has a very good story. The movie also became the way for her to reunite with people whom she has worked with in the past. While she is now regarded as a veteran actress, Koronel admitted she still feels nervous when she acts in front of the camera. And as “The Mistress” nears its playdate, Koronel assured the viewers that they will not be disappointed with the movie’s story, especially with the confrontation scenes.

The Mistress is one of the most-awaited movie this year, an ‘imperfect love story’ which tackles infidelity, trust, pain, hope and true love. It is about the not so ordinary love between Sari Alfonso (Bea) and JD Torres (John Lloyd) whose roads crossed unexpectedly, and whose love grows at the wrong time. “What will you do if the only woman you love is already somebody’s property?”

Also starring Ronaldo Valdez, K Brosas, Minnie Aguilar, Clarence Delgado and Ms. Hilda Koronel, The Mistress is showing September 12 in theaters nationwide.