Can you still remember this viral video uploaded by Facebook user Medmessiah Combatboi:

In just a few weeks, actor Baron Geisler got involved in another brawl. The first brawl he was involved in, which was also captured in video, happened just several weeks ago. He had a brawl with a UP student, Khalil Versoza, who asked Baron to act in their film. Baron went beast mode when the script was delayed. He said that the production team just wasted his time.

And, just recently, he got involved in another brawl. This time it’s with Kiko Matos. The brawl happened at Tomato Kick Morato where Baron was speaking as a guest in an event.

You can see in this video that Baron is talking and later on, called the attention of the guy – Kiko Matos.

It is said that Kiko harassed a waitress saying that the drinks he ordered were not served yet. Baron and Kiko were able to settle their misunderstanding. They even shook hands, as seen in the video, but Kiko Matos suddenly punched Baron. People were able to stop the two from fighting with Kiko being forced to leave. According to Baron, he was just defending the rights of the waitress as Kiko was very disrespectful.

The video received a mix of comments from online users. The brawl was much sensationalized that even Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC) founder Arvin Aguilar invited and challenged them to continue their brawl in the URCC cage.

The biggest thing that happened after all the commotion was when Kiko Matos and Baron Geisler both agreed to the challenge.

And, Baron has even started his training already. In the video, you can see Baron practicing Taekwondo in preparation for the fight.

But, Facebook user Juan Jose Joseph has a different opinion on this. Oops! Don’t stop reading! You will find this one very interesting! We promise you that this is not nonsense!

Juan Jose Joseph has a conspiracy theory about this. We will see things in different angles and give you clues to what his theory is.

In the brawl with the UP student:

They were film major students. Yet, the team shot the brawl in a vertical video. Why??? Quoting what Juan Jose Joseph said “only grandparents and children do that”.

In the brawl with Kiko Matos:

Kiko is an indie film actor.

Remember who took the video?

It was Med! Med is a musician and a cinematographer at the same time.

You may have already guessed what his theory is. Yes, Juan Jose Joseph suspects that all of these are just part of an INDIE FILM!

He said that it might be a movie about stereotyping in social media, something like a social experiment. He questioned why URCC involved their organization in this, when they promote licensed fighters. Just thinking about celebrities settling their fight in the ring would definitely make you laugh.

The best part about the “movie” is that online users’ reactions, comments and posts might be included in it. If this is true, make sure to watch the movie as your name might be included in it.

Well, here’s Manila Channel’s take about this issue:

Yes, there’s a great possibility that this so-called conspiracy theory is indeed true. But, why would URCC be involved? For the money!

Why would they even need the money? To help the students in their indie film? No! The money will not be used for the expenses of the film. The money will all go to the fundraising campaign.

Did you know that the Tomato Kick event where Baron attended was actually a fundraising event to raise funds to free political detainees in the country most specifically Maricon Montajes?

Just check out the hashtags used by Med in his post:

Baron vs Kiko Fight

Aren’t they irrelevant to what really happened in the video? He could have used #BaronVSKiko #BaronFight or other hashtags related to the brawl. But, he didn’t! Instead, he used hashtags related to the fundraising event!

And, wait, here’s more!

Did you know that Maricon Montajes was a UP film student? Take it from this fundraising post of the UP Instructor Rolando Tolentino:

Did you forget it already? Who were the students again? The one involved in the first brawl with Baron? Weren’t they UP film students too?

Does it all make sense now? Let us give them a two thumbs up for giving us a really good “show”.

So, to end this veerryy long post, here’s our final say:

Yes, we might be fools for falling into another trap. They may have fooled us to raise funds for a political detainee. But, isn’t that good?

All these commotions isn’t just about them fooling us. It is also about them using their creativity to help political detainees in the country. We even helped them by making all these commotions viral.

What can you say? Let us hear your opinion!

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