Young and promising actress Nadine Lustre, disclosed her struggle with depression in her Instagram account.

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“It may come as a surprise to you but I have struggled with depression way back and still am to this day.

I have days where Im just sitting in the tub, asking myself a lot of questions, confused..
I felt like I was just looking in someone else’s life through a window.
Feeling bad cuz I am not enough and everything that I do and will do will never be enough.
Its not easy.
I have days when I have to put a mask on, smiling, numbing myself from negative emotions, too often I have already mastered the art of hiding it, I bet, you never even noticed it.

Im thankful that Im blessed to have a strong heart and clear mind.
Family who will always be my strength.
Friends who will always pull me up.
Love who will always guide me.

if you ever hit rock bottom, dont be ashamed of opening up to your loved ones.
if anyone understands and cares about what you’re going through, its them.
You are who/what you say you are.
If you think you’re weak, you will be weak.

If you tell yourself you are not worthy, you will be unworthy.
But, if you say you’re strong, you will be strong and If you tell yourself you can do it, you can do anything.

  • The ONLY validation that you will ever need is one from yourself.
  • If you’re HEARTBROKEN, cry it out, okay.. and then STOP.
  • Pick yourself up and dust it off.
  • He/She ain’t the last person on earth.
  • Trust me when I tell you that you will find someone else… meant for you and who will better you.


  • I didn’t believe that before either, but here I am now.
  • DONT EVEN think about hurting yourself or taking your life just because you want the pain and sadness to stop.
  • ITS OKAY to be sad.
  • ITS OKAY to feel pain.
  • ITS OKAY to be vulnerable.
  • We are made to have emotions.
  • Dont be afraid to let it out.

Before you do something you will regret, think about all the great things that you can do in the future, people you will meet and places you travel to, the lives you will touch.
I almost did it before and Im so thankful that I didn’t do it, because If I did, I wouldn’t be living the life that I have now.
Stay with us because life is beautiful.
#KeepGoing ” 

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Although she struggled from this mental illness, she remains hopeful and optimistic in life because of the support she receives from her family, friends, and her love. She encourages anyone who is going through this to never give up on yourself.

Depression is not just feeling sad but it is ultimately feeling hollow beyond reasons. You know you are wise and strong but every time it occurs, you just have that feeling of helplessness and completely not having control over it. It is not something that you choose to happen inside your head and it is not used as an attention-getter or an excuse —it just happens! The slightest disappointment leads the person over an edge.

This is a serious issue and if you know someone who is struggling about depression; show them your unconditional love and support.

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