A recent incident of a woman withdrawing fake money from no less than a bank’s automated teller machine (ATM) has gone viral online, stirring worry among social media netizens.

A certain Anne Lachica Villasanta shared her experience along with photos of the fake currency and corresponding transaction receipt generated by the ATM. According to Anne, she withdrew money on the evening of April 11, 2015, from an ATM at BDO Tanauan branch in Batangas. But it was only until the next day when spending the money that she learned one of the bills was fake.

BDO ATM Receipt of Fake Withdrawal

While paying for groceries, the cashier notified her that one of the 1000php bills she gave was a fake. Distraught, Anne asked how that could be possible, when the bills came from Banco De Oro’s own ATM. She urged the cashier to check all three of the 1000php bills withdrawn the day before—it was determined only one was a fake. Upon closer inspection, Anne herself noticed the differences in color and clarity between the authentic and the fake bills.

The Fake Money from BDO ATM
Fake 1,000 Pesos Bill
Genuine 1000 Pesos Bill
Genuine 1,000 Pesos Bill

Anne returned immediately to BDO Tanauan to report the incident to the bank’s security guard, who simply said it was impossible for the ATM to dispense fake money. She escalated the problem to one of the bank’s representatives, who allegedly dismissed her claims.

The Fake 1000 Pesos Bill From BDO

It is unknown at this time whether Anne Villasanta pressed charges against the bank (which she claimed she would if they failed to settle the issue) or if they replaced her money.

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