It was a weekend and I went to the mall to meet up with my friends. When I got there, they texted me and said that I should go straight to the Lily’s Peanut Butter booth located at the center of the mall. “We’re taking pictures with Daniel Padilla!” they said in their text. I was like, “OMG it’s Daniel Padilla!” So I hurried to the booth they said where they were at, and when I met them they showed me their photos with the famous teen heartthrob.

“Dali, you should take pictures with him too!” They dragged me to the booth but to my disappointment, Daniel wasn’t there.

“Where’s Daniel?” I asked them and they were laughing.

“Relax!” they said. “Just look at the camera and strike a pose!”


I looked at the camera in front of me, and in the sample screen I saw Daniel Padilla standing with us, all smiles with a jar of Lily’s Peanut Butter in his hand. The photo was then printed and to my astonishment, it really looked like we took pictures with the Daniel in the flesh!

Daniel Padilla At Augmented Reality We posed for more takes, and we definitely had a great time that day in the booth. Daniel may not have been there in person, but we still got to take pictures with him-thanks to augmented reality.

Augmented reality is more than just a creative take on today’s conventional services. It serves as a value-added feature now present in today’s technologies from photography to gaming and everything else in between. And yes, augmented reality has become an innovative solution in bridging reality and fantasy together on a real time scale.

But what makes augmented reality an instant hit?

Sure, retouching photos and videos, or adding special effects to gaming apps are already common and easily accessed, but through augmented reality, end users are given more participation in creating an actual experience. In my case, I stood side by side with Daniel Padilla in his true form-not with a dummy or a stand-in. The photo was not retouched, and at the click of the camera shutter I got a photo of me and him together. There are also other kinds of AR innovations that we get to use, only that we’re not aware of it. Various smartphone applications are now providing AR features, especially those that focus on video and photography services. Video games such as Wii Kinect-have already incorporated AR effects on their games to give their users a more real time vibe.

Augmented reality Philippines

Daniel Padilla Photobomb Photobooth Waveplay Interactive is a pioneer in providing augmented reality services in the Philippines. The company was behind various creative solutions-from interactive Photobomb Photobooths to more interactive and engaging services such as group motion gaming, branded Kinect games, interactive displays, touch screen games and sound-based games.

Pumped-up audience participation is one of the ultimate objectives Waveplay Interactive works on in its projects. One of its most popular projects so far is the “Kanan Kaliwa Wave Wave Wave-Win Win Win” game in the noontime show Eat Bulaga! The studio audience no longer sits and watches the participants play on stage-they also get to take part of the game’s mechanics too.

Waveplay Interactive has likewise been instrumental in bringing brands and their targeted end users to a common ground by means of shared real time experiences. This can be found in the “Winema,” an interactive cinema that has been used by various brands in promoting their latest deals-these include Chowking Chow Pao, Yahoo! Purple Hunt, and at the Philippine Ad Congress Plenary. Audiences not merely sat and watched-they all took part in forming the brand experience.

Augmented reality is more than just an innovation or a creative approach to reach out to audiences: it’s bringing pumping the value of experience-and that’s what Waveplay Interactive is doing.

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