DayTranslations_Logo_smallTampa, USA – Day Translations, Inc., a major professional language interpretation and translation services provider in the United States announces its newest service – translations in Tagalog. Although the Filipino people are highly skilled in English, Tagalog, as a language and its translation into English and vice-versa is still very essential, not only in the United States but in many parts of the world where Filipinos reside and work. Day Translations recognizes this fact and is ready to provide translation from any language to Tagalog and other language pairs anywhere in the world today.

Growing demand for English to Tagalog translation

There is a growing demand for Tagalog to English and other language pair translations. There are more than 1.8 million Filipino immigrants in the U.S. according to the 2011 U.S. Census. This represents 4% of the total population. The Tagalog language is getting spoken by a greater number of people in the U.S., be it in school, offices, homes, service companies, movies and films, and any place where large Filipino-American communities reside. Filipinos born in the U.S. are starting to learn the mother tongue of their parents and grandparents. Filipinos are getting recognized for the brand of service they provide to the community and it is about time that the Tagalog language should get the recognition it deserves as well. Moreover, Filipino communities are found in almost all major countries across the globe.

The Tagalog language

Translation is an exacting task. It has to be accurate and translators must include the nuances of the language, the right grammar and context. Tagalog is a very expressive language. Many of its words have several meanings, depending on the usage. The language has its roots from the Austronesian language family, heavily influenced by Malay and later by Castilian languages. The Tagalog language had been influenced as well by Chinese, Japanese and English, among the other languages of people that came to its shores. The increasing demand for translating the language prompted Day Translations to launch its full service offering for Tagalog to English, English to Tagalog and other language pair translation.

Tagalog is a language that is being taught in different universities around the world. There are Tagalog language courses in Sorbonne University in France, University of London, in some high schools in Melbourne, Australia, in colleges in Beijing, Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, the University of Hawaii and at Gaida University located in Osaka, Japan. Across the United States there are several high schools that include Tagalog in their curriculum. In San Diego, California alone, there are 70 high schools that teach Tagalog as a world language.

Day Translations, Inc. provides translation and interpretation services to individuals and private and public businesses and corporations and various entities that include hospitals, schools and universities, movies, films and broadcast companies, NGOs, research companies and more. It maintains offices in major cities in the United States and selected cities in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. It believes that offering translations in Filipino will meet the current demand for translations and open new doors to knowing not only the language but its people and its very interesting, warm, hospitable and colorful culture.