Before shipping different products, it is not enough to just know the specific dimensions and prices. People must review the guidelines of every shipping company. There can be new and old procedures used by various firms today. It is highly recommended that all policies must be followed so goods will reach customers on time. When it comes to shipment, you do not have to make assumptions.

Here are some steps below that can be helpful:

1. Inquire immediately. Before making the first move, it is important to get in touch with the shipping company especially when the sender is a first timer. Most companies today encourage customers to call, send an email and visit the office. People must be aware of the rules set by company owners to see if these will meet their needs.

2. Determine pros and cons. There is nothing wrong with being meticulous when it comes to the services provided by the company. Try to balance the things that are good for you. Check all the goods which are about to be shipped. Make sure that the shipping company will give you permission to ship the products. The disadvantages should not totally affect your requests.

3. Save more. When making an inquiry, people will already see if there are chances to reduce costs.  If others decide to spend more, services should meet their expectations. Product quality should be maintained during shipment. Timeframe must also be considered. You don’t want to experience too much delay. Don’t hesitate to ask for promos or discounts.

4. Compare and Select. There are several shipping companies that provide similar services.  As customers, it is their responsibility to review rules, prices, procedures and changes. If you also know someone who keeps on shipping items, it is a better move to get some ideas in order to choose the best company with a good service. Positive reviews usually help people to make quick decisions.

5. Consider Stability Period. Excellent service is the first thing that customers must be looking for but considering the company’s stability period gives them a guarantee that a lot of people have already been served.

6. List them down. If you are unsure which company is appropriate, don’t just remember the company names. Create a simple list that includes all well-known shipping companies. All customers’ requests cannot be processed by one company alone so it’s important to have a few alternatives.

7. Send documents.  Ask the company’s representative regarding the proper handling of documents. Of course, the prices are different compared to heavier products. If the papers are really important to you, then request for an express shipment. It is very practical to call the company over the phone.

8. Send parcel. When sending packages, people must always remember to choose the required box. Some companies are very strict when it comes to dimensions. Adherence to the rules will prevent possible rejections during shipment. It is best to check the package as early as now.

9. Know your needs. Determining specific needs when it comes to product shipment is very critical. Double check the things you need before shipping packages and documents. Always ensure that the box is properly labeled to meet the requirements of a company.

10. Finalize the shipment. Make sure that the number of items is complete. Information must be accurate especially the sender’s name, destination, recipient’s name and contact numbers.

It is important that the shipment meets the timeframe set by a company. Choose the right company and stick to the rules.

Jevelme Frago is a freelance writer for, a website providing shipping tips and how to pack on different items.