An old story of a tragic incident about a student reportedly from De La Salle University has gone viral once again on Facebook.

It tells the story of a college girl working on her thesis, who repeatedly brushed off her boyfriend in annoyance after he had sent several messages, asking her to take a break and go out with him, as he had something to tell her.

In her annoyance, the student berated her boyfriend for distracting her from her thesis work. Yet despite the girl’s irritability, the boyfriend still kept his patience and understanding, never losing his loving demeanor.

The next day, the girl sent her boyfriend several messages asking for forgiveness, but never received a reply.

Here is the story:

Sad Story of La Salle Student

Student Sad Story

Unknown to the student, her boyfriend had been fighting a fatal disease, with doctors giving him 3 years left to live. His mother ended up texting the girl, telling her of the news, and of the last message her boyfriend failed to send.

La Salle Sad Story

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