A recent viral post warning of a little known danger by the beach couldn’t have come at a better time. It warns of the dangers of rip currents, also known as rips or rip tides, which are a specific type of water current common near beaches and coastlines.

The Sea Rip Current

These currents, although localized, are strong enough to pull unsuspecting swimmers into deeper water. They are caused when waves break strongly and weekly in opposing directions, causing the water to move in a circular motion and then out to sea in a narrow but fast current.

Philippines Rip Current

Rip Current Philippines

Whenever you see a void between waves, similar to the image below, avoid it if possible. If you ever find yourself caught in a rip current, the best way to free yourself is to swim sideways out of the current, instead of against it, which only tires you and increases your chances of drowning.

What is Rip Current

In the United States, lifeguards rescue tens of thousands of swimmers caught by rip currents, but the United States Lifesaving Association estimates that the number of yearly deaths caused by rip currents is more than 100.

Please share to warn your family and friends. Just a little information can be all that’s needed to potentially save their lives, especially during the warm El Niño season.

Simplest thing observe while you’re at the beach. Just 2 minutes you can save your life.

It you saw the ocean wave void (like in picture 1) do not attempt to go to the sea. This is call Rip current. It is very strong and will pull you further into the sea (ocean).

Please share this to save more lives.

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