Valleriano Ibañez Abello

The name that is most remembered in the Boy Scouting literature and a World War II Hero. An ordinary Filipino citizen who was awarded the Philippine Legion Honor for his bravery and efforts during World War II.

Three boy scouts, Valleriano Abello, Antero Junia and Vicente Triston, took initiative during the US Navy’s assault to the Japanese troops at Leyte on October 18, 1944.  Identified themselves as Boy scouts of America and lead the American troops to the Japanese area that eventually saved thousands of lives.

“Don’t bomb the beaches. There are civilians. If possible let me direct the shelling.” Using Semaphore signaling, this message was sent by Valeriano Abello to the US forces that saved thousands of Leyteños that lead to the liberation of the Philippines from the Japanese Imperial forces.

This proves that even without high position or big titles can be heroes too!

A monument in honor of him was erected at Tolosa, Leyte.

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