A man was slapped in public by her alleged girlfriend while in a bar after being caught with his alleged other woman. But this public humiliation turned out to be something that would melt every girl’s heart.

“Will you marry me” is usually said by a man with flowers, or in a candle light dinner or by simply saying, “Let’s get married”. But this man pulled off something very risky that could have made the woman of her life leave him.

In the video is seen a girl emotional while preparing to sing something when she suddenly stepped down the stage and approached a man sitting not so far from where she was. Everyone was shocked when the girl slapped the man all of a sudden.

The room was full of tension as the girl continued yelling at the man. The next scenes were not caught on video but the screaming of the woman was still heard.

Just when you think the man was screwed up and shamed publicly, this desperate woman gave the man something that made him bend his knees on the ground.

Para sa mga lalakeng two timer o mahihilig sa chicks. Magsilbing aral sana ito sa inyo.Grabe sinapit mo Kuya, nasampal ka talaga sa isang bar sa harap ng maraming tao. Nakakahiya. 🙁

Posted by Trending Pinoy Videos on sábado, 9 de septiembre de 2017

Matched with the perfect romantic background instrumental music, no woman could have resisted this dramatic yet romantic proposal. Yes, it was a YES.


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