Every country has different characteristics and values, and the Philippines is no different. Even though the Philippines has been colonized by several countries, some characteristics remained and still honored this day.

If you are  Pinoy, you can relate to one of these things!

  1. If you are a Filipino
  • If your main star of the “handaan” feast is Lechon and sweet spaghetti with Filipino hotdog.
Source: Lechon General
  • if you love dirty ice-cream (lalo na pag may buo-buo na keso)
Source: Things I’ll never say
A picture of dirty-cream mixed with different flavors
  • if you eat fish head including the eyes (simot sarap, nahihiya ang pusa)
  • If you love dinuguan with puto
  • if you sawsaw (dunk) the pandesal in the coffee
  • and if you love eating balut.

2. You are Filipino if you hang a rosary on your car, jeepney or tricycle’s rear view mirror. Also, you often pray before driving.

Source: The Journal. ie
A picture of a rosary hanging in car’s rear view mirror

3. You are Filipino if you can think of pun names for establishments

Source: Filipiknow.net








4. You know you are “Pinoy” if you have “tabo” in your bathroom (hahaha! kahit sa hotel, naghahanap tayo niyan!). You decorate your living room wall with your family’s framed diplomas, plaques, pictures (family pride!). Your dining room has the picture or framed art of “The Last Supper” as well as the giant wooden kutsara at tinidor from Baguio. 

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5.  You are truly “Pinoy” if you eat with your hands while propping up you knee and having one foot is on the chair or bench where you are seated (lalo na kung sa dahon ng saging kumakain, o naghihimay ng isda o alimango!) , or if you eat  your  meal with large spoon with a fork and  hardly uses knife! (akala tuloy ng ibang lahi, para tayong gutom na gutom o parang “pig” kumain) ; when you feel compelled to greet anyone who sees you eating and offer to share your food– “Kain na” (kahit pang -isa lang yung pagkain mo)!; if you think a meal is not a meal–“bitin“—if there is no rice!

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6. You are a Filipino if you still have something to smile about even after a calamity. We Filipinos are always camera ready, whenever we see a camera or someone taking a picture of us, no matter how we look we will automatically smile

Source: Executive Chronicles
Source: Pinoy weekly

7. You are so “Pinoy” when you point with your lips (nguso)! Kung malayo ang gamit, mas pointed ang nguso. You greet one another by raising your eyebrows or tossing your head. You  hold your palms together in front of you , duck a little, and say “excuse, excuse” when you pass in between people or in front of the TV. You scratch your head when you don’t know the answer, or when caught in a situation when you can’t say no but would have to do it anyway! You ask for the bill in a restaurant by making a rectangle in the air with your fingers. You cover your mouth when you laugh even if you are not “bungi” (a person with a missing tooth)!

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8. You are always late (Filipino time) and you don’t want to arrive first in a party (nakakahiya pag ikaw ang unang bisita) .You can’t say “no”–you would rather say “maybe” or “I’ll try”…then come up with excuses not to be able to go . You beat around the bush –“paligoy-ligoy pa” or use a third party when conveying an unpleasant news or message—(ayaw mong makasakit ng damdamin!). You ask people you have just met about personal questions like their spouse, where they work, how many children they have ( at kahit mga drama nila sa buhay shini-share nila) and “taga saan kayo sa atin” when abroad.

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9. You are so Filipino when in the beach or in a picnic, you always prefer to sit in the shade than bask in the sun! (Ayaw umitim! Sayang ang lotion na binili!) You are always wondering why the foreigners love to be under the sun, and you proudly conclude they want to be tanned just as you naturally are!

Read more: http://gelsantosrelos.typepad.com/my-blog/2010/03/what-makes-us-pinoy.html



It is indeed more fun in the Philippines!







Reported By: Francia Kaye Uyvico and Chloe Bual // F.K.U

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