Cases of the deadly Ebola virus are now very alarming. The confirmed number of deaths had climbed up to over 4,000 out of the 8, 399 cases. It’s quite scary right?Imagine this deadly virus that leaves you with a very small chance of surviving.

This kind of virus outbreak usually happens in movies, we never see it fort come for real. But now, in real life a scary deadly virus is causing fears among people and most or all rather would wish that it’s just a nightmare that will be gone when you wake up. But sad to say, it’s not!

Cases of Ebola including its death tolls are climbing up rapidlyas time flies.But don’t worry friends; authorities are making every possible way to control the situation.

Not only the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other health experts are working to control the outbreak but also inventors. Recently, an Ebola-killing Robot named ‘Little Moe’ was invented by XenenCompanyto fight against thedeadly Ebola virus.
Little Moe, is a light-zapping robot that uses Ultra-violet (UV) lights in killing viruses/bacteria in 5minutes and kills Ebola virus in just 2minutes. The UV lights that it produces attacks bacteria and virus’ DNA which kills the latter.

Xenen ‘Little Moe’ robot is sold in $104,000 per unit,the robot rolls around on four wheels and uses xenon, a non-toxic gas, to create the ultraviolet rays needed to destroy viruses. The robot was proven and tested to kill bacteria and viruses by emitting ultraviolet light that is 25,000 times brighter than the sun’s UV rays. The UV light can go deep-down allowing it to destroy and kill those viruses and bacteria, even in high-touch surfaces, and in hard to clean nooks and crannies.

“Our robot ensures the room is safe for the next patient by destroying germs on high-touch surfaces, and in hard to clean nooks and crannies,” a Xenex representative said.

Dr. Mark Stibich, a co-founder of Xenex which invented the robot, told KENS5 News in San Antonio that the company is working with Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas to help out however they can in stemming the spread of Ebola.
The invention of this robot sought to help on the worsening cases of Ebola virus allowing sanitizing hospital rooms to lessen or avoid the possible spread of the virus.

Xenex is currently in discussions with the US Department of Defense and several relief organizations about deploying the robots to Africa. The company is also talking with several major airlines about disinfecting cabins.

Ebola Cure
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As of the moment, this robot is used in 250 hospitals including the one in Dallas Texas where the first Ebola patient died on Wednesday. Isn’t it an AMAZING invention? Humans are really intelligent right? Inventing things in a snap of a finger — inventing ‘Little Moe’, a new hero that acts as a warrior robot that fights and kills Ebola Virus to save humanity.



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