What’s up gorgeous? I hope you had a fabulous weekend! Mine was kind of productive. Company outing, a date with my sexy sexy love, went to church on Sunday, created two makeup looks, followed great makeup artists on Instagram, watched makeup tutorials on YouTube and finally perfected that winged eyeliner! Pretty productive huh? And oh! I also washed my clothes! Hehe..

Okay! I can hear you already complaining at me bragging about my weekend. So, let’s get started!

Today, it’s time to spread the good news! My skin is cheating and loving other skin care products lately. (Cheating is bad, so it’s not quite a good news but seriously, it is in this post.) Have you heard about Limitless Possibilities? Do you have any idea how wonderful their products are? Can’t believe I didn’t know about it way sooner. I’m in love with their babies! I’m not here to promote them or anything like that, okay. I just find their products worth sharing with you guys. They’re amazing!


I’m using their Limitless Body Soap, Limitless Beauty Face Cream, Limitless Facial Wash, Tamara Day Lotion, Tamara Night Lotion and Limitless Facial Toner. The ingredients are all natural, my dear. The products have Algowhite, a natural whitening agent from seaweeds. They’re gentle to the skin and they smell very nice. With almost a month using them, my skin is already getting smoother and whiter! It’s very well moisturized too. I had little dark spots right below my cute cheeks before and amazingly they’re now gone! Makes me even cuter.  Ahem..

Great skin makes fantastic makeup. I not only build my portfolio by practicing to apply makeup more often, but I also give importance to my skin by using effective and quality products. And I think skincare products like the ones from Limitless Possibilities help me gain more confidence to market myself as a freelance makeup artist. I gotta do what I gotta do man! And that is to be more presentable to my clients. When I say presentable, that already involves healthy looking skin.

LP Facial Wash and Soap
Limitless Facial Wash and Limitless Body Soap

Let’s face it guys, makeup residue can cause premature aging if not removed right away. That is very unkind. Part of my daily regimen is to cleanse and moisturize my skin all the time.

I use Limitless Facial Wash every morning and before going to bed. It removes dead skin cells gently and gives me that fresh feeling. It hasn’t even dried my skin. On the other hand, if you love fruity fragrances like me, you got to try this Limitless Body Soap. It has whitening power of natural ingredients like papaya and coconut. I feel like eating it!

LP Facial Toner
Limitless Facial Toner

My most favorite! My pores are fine this time without that sting feeling. However, I don’t like it being sprayed onto a cotton pad. It’s a waste of product.

LP Facial Cream
Limitless Beauty Face Cream

I wear makeup almost every day and I don’t feel guilty about it. I couldn’t get my eyes off the beauty counters whenever I happened to pass by. I love all things makeup! I believe it boosts someone’s confidence. I love it when my clients’ faces glow with gladness once I’m finished doing their makeup. They feel beautiful and happy! But hey! Makeup is just makeup. It only temporarily hides imperfections. That’s why, I also educate my clients about proper skin care.

I use Limitless Beauty Face Cream after toning my face and before applying foundation. It serves as my daily moisturizer. It’s nature’s  whitening and anti-aging ingredients that keeps my skin younger looking and rejuvenated. It is also fortified with organic sunscreen that protects me my skin from further damage.

LP Body Lotion Day
Tamara Day Lotion

I have dry skin and I can’t leave the house without lotion with sunscreen. This one serves me really well. It moisturizes my skin without that sticky and warm feeling.

LP Body Lotion Night
Tamara Night Lotion

Not a fan of putting lotion before bedtime. I used other night lotion before, but I stopped using it because it didn’t give me that fresh feeling. I felt warm and sticky. I gave this one a try and surprisingly, my skin looked supple and smooth when I woke up! Oh! Hello glow!

I must say these skin care products are impressive. I will surely recommend it to my family and friends. It’s inexpensive and effective. So glad I don’t need to buy pricey products for me to achieve that so called “kutis artista”.

LP Before and After

What I also love about Limitless Possibilities is that, not only they offer brilliant yet inexpensive products, they also allow us to earn money at the same time! Who wouldn’t want that? For all skin care fanatic out there, this must be very interesting!

When I was a kid, I already visualized myself of becoming a makeup artist. Not just a makeup artist, but a great one. Yes, I dream big! I’ll do everything to reach that wonderful place my creator has already reserved for me. And I will get there very soon. Truly life is full of limitless possibilities if you only believe. Let me finish this post by saying with full conviction and a hashtag, #iamlimitless!

Enjoy the rest of the day lovelies! Stay fab and beautiful inside and out!

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