Attention ladies: bridal short hairstyles for 2014 is in! You don’t need to worry about growing your hair out! Glamorous , extremely elegant, stylish and practical – all that can be said about the wedding hairstyles relevant for the coming season are now represented in our collection.

Usually, people tend to say that women who have short hair cannot have impressive hairstyle at the wedding. That’s definitely not true! Even though you have a short hair, you can still choose the appealing and fashionable hairstyle for your special day.


If you have short hair, the traditional Updo is slightly difficult unless you go for extensions. Updo hairstyle is not impossible for short hair unless you really have the shortest hair. You can create the illusion of an updo by just grooming a pony tail or bun and pin it with a toque or feather hair clip.


Short layered hairstyles are mostly classic short hairstyles. This trend can make you look younger and fashionable. For a balanced look, you can keep the sides symmetrical while for an edgy style, you can keep them asymmetrical. Don’t even think of growing it out for the wedding. Go sleek and chic and then add eye catching accessories.


For the inverted bob hairstyle, side bangs would be more ideal. However, if the sleek hairstyle is not accurate for your face features, you may try the choppy hairstyle. With the help of the point cutting hair tackle, this will create an uneven edgy look for your bob hairstyle. You will look more attractive and graceful if such hairdo is matched with certain kind of bang. Moreover, you can choose a smooth blunt bob and then create Cleopatra style blunt bangs to match it.


Braids hairstyles are considered quite stylish and stunning. They can make you more charming, attractive and graceful. Bun braids are most ideal for people who want to have a cute and lovely hairdo.


Some layered wavy styles can be ideal if you bear a naturally wavy hair. Likewise, short curly styles, when sported excellently, will make you look more graceful and sophisticated. If you want a totally curly style, you may choose thin rollers to achieve curls. If you bear a bob hairstyle, you can get a charming and elegant wavy look by adding rollers to give volume to your hair and get sexy waves. Nonetheless, you may also use a flat iron to get the style.

Nowadays, the hairstylists are the master in this art. They use many hair fashion accessories to make brides most attractive by using artificial flowers, hairpins, hair bands, tiaras and bows to complete the final look you desire.

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Whether you decide to have an up-do, a braid or wear it curly, choosing the best bridal short hairstyles for 2014 will ultimately complete your look and make you feel more beautiful than ever as you prepare for your wedding day the coming year!