Julita, Leyte has always been “The Place between Dulag and Burauen” for those who never came to or have visited the town. No one is even familiar about the place except the people living in its neighboring towns. The probable reason why it is so strange to other towns, even in Leyte, is its geographical location. The town is located quite away from the national highway. Thus, few motorists are able to visit or just go by the place. Yet, though it is not well-known, there are a lot of reasons why you will love Julita.

As a curious visitor, food is probably one of the first things that would come to everyone’s thoughts. With that matter, Julita will not fail his hungry stomach. The food offered in each canteen or locally called as carenderia is as lovely as the town’s name. Filipino delicacies with twists are the signature of each cuisine. The town also has addictive kakanins that will make guests bring home to their families to taste and experience how awesome these food are. Food are just one of the many reasons why you will love Julita to visit or even to live in.

Julita is just the same as any other Philippine municipalities. Julitanhons, as what its inhabitants are called, may face the same problems, like poverty, as any other Filipinos do. What makes them distinct from others is their ability to smile and laugh behind those matters. The town is always having a good time and joy is always seen in everyone’s face. The positive attitude towards life is the reason why you would feel that the town is a good place to live, that even you personally will be convinced that there are still millions of reasons to smile and love life.

Julita has no natural or geographical attraction that may encourage people to explore the place. It does not have a unique spot to be admired for its physical characteristics. However, you will realize that the good things and the reasons why you will love Julita are the pictures that cannot be captured by an ordinary camera but by the heart of each visitor who experiences what the town really is.


(shared by: Chippo Masayon, a Julitanhon)