EDITORIAL: Have you experienced paying ambulance driver or the hospital staff itself for P500 for the so-called “Pang Krudo” for diesel?

In Leyte especially in the town of Burauen, before you can use the ambulance for emergency purposes these are the things you need to do:

1. Bring your patient to the Hospital because the Ambulance will never fetch your patient. This is according to our info and this is what he said: “tapos pagud dere poydi kuhaon hin ambulance it pasyente ha ira balay…it pasyente it maglulugaring ha hospital…” It’s not allowed to pick-up the patient from their house. The patient needs to travel to the hospital.

2. Permission to use: Way back 2013 a family who lives in Burauen had an emergency and they needed an ambulance early in the morning so they went to Burauen Rural Health Unit but they were surprised that the process is more complicated than what they were expecting.
– They need to ask permission to a person called “@chop”
– They need to ask permission from the Burauen Municipal Mayor (2013 Mayor)
– They need to pay for P500 for “Krudo”
– They need to look for the duty driver and pay the driver as well.

And the sad thing about this incident, their father died that day.

How do you feel about that guys? WALA BA KAYONG SAFE GUARD?

However, since it’s now 2017. According to our source the RHU offers a free ride with 24 hour shift on standby duty driver and the DOH and LGU shoulders everything in connection to Medical Evacuation.

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(As far as I know, since I was the administrator for almost 4 years till 2011, if the case is not urgent in needs the approval of the Mayor because it is under his/her jurisdiction and responsibility and we even provide financial assistance and gasoline, together with the approval and trip ticket as required by the COA. But now, since we already have a 24 hour shift at RHU, whoever is assigned there can decide and approve the use of the ambulance. NO FEE.)

This information also confirmed by one of the Burauen Town Councillor Hon. Vincent Enerlan:

RHU Burauen
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“Actually the Burauen District Hospital is not under administrative control of Burauen District Hospital but for the Municipal Ambulance, there is no fee and I guarantee that. Thanks.”

3. Burauen District Hospital – Before doing Medical Evacuation it’s part of the SOP to secure referral or endorsement from the Duty Doctor, however prior to the patient transport you need to pay for P500 pesos and the duty hospital staff asks the payment for this and they said this is for “Krudo” diesel.

This is the latest incident statement.

“An akun patud manganganak kumadto hira ha RHU Burauen, pero pag abot ha RHU igin refer hira ngadto ha Hospital pero an Hospital dire daw kaya magpaanak sanglit igin pasa liwat hira ha EVRMC pero ugsa hito and babaye na naka green duty ngada han mga 3:00pm to 4:00pm October 9, 2017 nangaro hin pang krudo anay na 500. Hin pag abot ha EVRMC, nanganak manla gihap nak patod hin normal, inpasapasa pa”

(My cousin was about to give birth then they went to RHU Burauen but when they arrived there, they were referred us to the Hospital but they aren’t allowed yet so we were passed to EVRMC then a woman(in green) who was in duty around 3 or 4 pm October 9, 2017 asked 500 pesos for gasoline. When we arrived in EVRMC, my cousin delivered in a normal section yet she was still passed and passed to other hospitals.)

So, those are the issues you may encounter in Burauen if you need ambulance and this article are supported by the following FB comments about this “FOR HIRE AMBULANCE”

Ambulance for Rent in Leyte
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-My mother was one of the victims there. The leadership of that Hospital is a Big SHIT!!!

-What happened to your mother that time?

-Actually it happened twice. First, they weren’t able to bring my mother in Tacloban because they have no gasoline. They were asking us 500 pesos for the gasoline. But instead, they just rode a bus to Tacloban. Imagine she had a Cancer (Stage 4) and she was already weak. She died last January 10. 2nd, my sibling was needed to be taken to Tacloban because there aren’t enough facilities here. SAME REASON, DENIED!!!

For Rent Ambulance in Leyte
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-Way back 2004, I was also asked 500 pesos for the gasoline. That time, my son/daughter was hospitalized but we were referred to St. Pauls Hospital in Tacloban. We waited for almost 1 hour because no one will drive the ambulance and that time I was really angry because my daughter/son is already in difficulty. But, thank God because when we arrived in St. Pauls, he/she was just injected once then after 2 hours he/she was already in a good condition. What if we didn’t have money (to pay for the gasoline) what will happen to my son/daughter?

500 pesos to use ambulance
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-Right, because even when I was about to give birth before, they also asked money for the gasoline and for the driver.

No Gas Ambulance
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-That’s right! We also experienced the same with my father. They said they don’t have a driver. We searched for a driver then after that they still don’t have gasoline just until my father died.

And for this case this is like a Uber Share Trip:

Burauen Leyte Ambulance
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-My child was referred to LPH, with the doctor’s signature but I paid 250 only because there was also another patient in the ambulance. We were asked 250 each for the gasoline and 100 each for the driver. Wow!

Burauen Leyte Ambulance For Rent
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-I also experienced the same with my mother, they needed to take her to Tacloban Hospital, they begged because the driver doesn’t want to travel because it was already midnight and we still need to pay for the gas.

Ambulance for Rent in Leyte
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-I was also a victim way back in 2013, 500 pesos for the gas and we I still need to pay the driver if I am not mistaken.

There are a lot of comments about that P500 fee and the latest case that happened was last October 9, 2017 and that’s the reason why I brought out this topic to our editorial post.

It seems this issue is a never lasting and the Government People of Burauen are hands-off for this issue and since this is not for Burauen Concern as for them, it sounds that the issue should be look at by the Leyte Provincial Office headed by Governor Leopoldo Dominico “Mic” L. Petilla.

Municipal Burauen Hands-off
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Actually, the Burauen District Hospital is not under the administrative control of the Municipality but the Municipality’s Ambulance have no fee (gasoline fee), I guarantee you.

Province Responsibility
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For everyone’s information, the Burauen District Hospital is not under the Local Government Unit.

I hope the Governor can afford this P500 pesos ambulance fee however, I’m doubtful because even the Governor is only riding “Habal-habal” which is cheaper than P500 “Ambulance for Rent” fare.

Governor of Leyte True Color
Photo from leyteprovince.org

Hope this picture will sink in, in his heart and find way to resolve this AMBULANCE FOR RENT issue in Leyte or probably just announce or do some publications to the People of Leyte saying; Hey.. we don’t have a gas for our ambulances and we will just continue asking for P500 or any amount in the future but we will issue Official Receipt this time.. (:

This practice is not only happening in Burauen this is also happening in other towns:

Ambulance for Rent
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-It’s happening in many towns all over the Philippines. Even in Samar. Not only in your town. It’s just disappointing to read replies that if there are complaints it’s against the government immediately, the people are complaining based on their experience or the person is taking the side of the person involved?

For Rent Ambulance Abuyog
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-Good thing brother because in Burauen they are just asking for 500 but based on my experience, when I had a motor accident in abuyog, they brought me to the hospital then they said they need to transfer me in Tacloban but before that I need to pay 1,500 for the gasoline. If I was just in critical conditon, I might be dead right now. It’s really sad and frustrating they are like that even if the government is the one who pays for their salary and even the gasoline.

Now my point is, why is it always hard for the poor?

Why do you keep asking a fee for ambulance services?

If it is free, then how come there were already many people who paid 500 pesos just for the gasoline fee?

– Bryan R. Cinco – Ang manunulat na dapat pag pasensyahan ang english. – Just like to share kung ano ang nararamdaman ko.

Source: https://goo.gl/ixLSWy and https://goo.gl/UVrd18