Charles Obong, a government official and one of the richest men in Uganda, asked his family to bury him with a lot of money —enough money to “bribe God” and “save him from hell fire!”

Reports said that he had been quite a corrupt official during his years in the government. Surprisingly, he was ready to admit his sins and the other countless accounts of corruption he had done in his life time.

Fully aware of his crimes; he feared he’d end up in hell so he asked his family and made them promise that they would bury him with enough money for bribing God. He asked his brother and sister to be there at his side before he is buried and make sure that there is money in his coffin.

The illness was unknown, Obong died last December 17. He was placed inside a metallic coffin which has an estimation cost of more than $5 million!

Just as he requested, his family placed a huge amount of money inside his coffin just before he was buried at his ancestral home at Adag-ani Village, Bar-pii parish, Aromo Sub-country in Lira District, Uganda.

But the local church soon discovered the request and Reverend Joel Agel Awio along with the community elders’ decided to have the government official’s body disinterred and returned the money to his family. Since the practice was considered a taboo!

The exhumed corpse was confirmed to have been buried with $5,700 and they are still intact in his coffin.

It simply means that he wasn’t able to “bribe” God with money after his death.