If you were asked what the biggest fish in planet earth is, what will be your answer? Maybe you will confidently say whale shark. But hey, were not talking about the real life aquatic living creatures. Below are some of the remarkable fish-inspired buildings that will truly amaze you!


Barcelona Gehry - Wekimedia
Image from Wikimedia

Who wouldn’t be amazed with this giant goldfish situated in the heart of Vila Olímpica, Barcelona?  This metal canopy, measuring roughly 114 by 177 feet which is supported by a wood and steel space frame and was the first of several fish-inspired buildings Frank  Gehry created.

National Fisheries Development Board

National Fisheries in India
Image from http://nfdb.gov.in

Everyone will surely be stunned with this incredible humorous fish-shaped building located near Hyderabad, India. This 4-story building is a regional office for the National Fisheries Development Board which was inspired by a giant fish sculpture in Barcelona of Frank Gehry.

Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame

Freshwater Fishing Hall Fame
Image from urbanmilwaukeedial.com

Another marvelous fish-inspired building that will make you say wow is the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame.  This 143-foot (44 m)-long fiberglass sculpture of a jumping Muskie fish is an American hall of fame in Hayward, Wisconsin, dedicated to promoting freshwater fishing  This museum also maintains records for the largest fresh water fish in the United States and the world.

Museu de les Ciències Príncipe Felipe/
Prince Philip Science Museum

Museu de les Ciències Príncipe Felipe

This awesome museum is an important visitor attraction in Valencia. The building was designed by Santiago Calatrava is over 40,000 square meters in area and resembles the skeleton of a whale.

Doumen Observation Tower building

Observation tower in Doumen

Another remarkable  piece is the 93 metre public observation tower in Doumen District, Guangdong Province,China. This tower is inspired by the form of a fish soaring above the water, clad in aluminum scales to protect from the hot Chinese sun. It won in the recently held Chinese tower contest in China.

Well, what can you say? Aren’t they were the largest fish your eyes had ever seen?


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