What will you do when you meet your favorite cartoon characters in real life counterparts? Would you ask for an autograph, take a selfie with them or just stare at them the whole time to check if they look exactly the same? It sounds hilarious but who could ever thought that they exist in real life?

Sometimes we see people who look almost identical to our favorite cartoon characters. To prove our point, take a closer at the following photos and judge for yourself!

Disney’s Aladin


This young man is almost a carbon copy of Aladin. His physical features are almost similar to that of Aladin – his eye brows, nose and even the lips. What can you say? They look like twins.

Mary “Boo” from Disney’s Monsters Inc


Mary aka “Boo” is a complete reflection of her cute and charming cartoon character counterpart. This little girl is simply adorable with her “Boo” outfit. They look perfectly identical.

Alfredo aka “Linguini “Disney’s Ratatouille


It seems that a cartoon character becomes real! Alfredo aka “Linguini” looks deceiving and confusing in the eyes. As you stare at his photo, it appears that Linguini just come to life.

Carl Fredricksen Disney Movie UP


Impersonating someone is some kind of art.  People love to express themselves by dressing like their favorite cartoon character. This old man is like a duplicate of “Carl Fredricksen”.

Valeria Lukyanova aka “Human Barbie”


Ukranian Internet Goddess Valeria Lukyanova, also known as “real life Barbie,” landed a huge career for herself. In 2012, V Magazine featured this Barbie look-alike in their November 2012 issue. (Photos by Sebastian Faena via V Magazine)



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