One thing to expect on abandoned buildings are stories on trend about ghosts which we listeners or readers pretty much enjoys. But this building is an exception, instead of the lifeless living on it to match the lifeless setting; it has been a home to thousands of school of fish.

The New World Mall, which is located at Bangkok, Thailand around the Kho San Road, was an 11-storey building forced to shut down in 1997 after violating the 4-storey permit. In 1999, the building was caught on fire which left it roofless.


On rainy days, the water then fills the building, and over the years the water flooded the building enough to make one giant empty aquarium.

Or… maybe not.

Since the water was stationary, it became the perfect place for mosquitoes to breed.This became a threat to the locals, forcing them to bring Koi and other sorts of fish to the waters to stop the outbreak. Soon thereafter, the school of fish bred rapidly making a 500-square-meter miniature ecosystem for thousands of koi and catfish and later on, to other breeds as well.

On 2011, the building was closed for public viewing but the residents are okay with the idea of you sneaking in. They would even sell fish food to the visitors.

But since the news became viral on the internet, it became a tourist spot but had been banned later on due to the hazard it may bring to the public. Experts are now planning on how to assess the situation whether they’re going to relocate the marine creatures and just tear down the whole structure.

It may seem practical. But wouldn’t it be fascinating to feed your curiosity if it remains the giant aquatic mall just around the corner? Just saying…


Carlene Madge Morantte
LNU ABcom Intern

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