Typhoons in the Philippines simply come and go. We are always confronted with bad weather where we need to prepare for the worst. We need to have foods ready, secure our household items and have evacuation centers on standby. These should no longer come as a surprise considering our history of typhoons and other calamities.

But just so you know, there are other effective things that you can do to make sure that you will survive and still live comfortably when the next typhoon comes along. Consider these five survival hacks that can certainly help you!

Make a raft. One of the things that Super Typhoon Yolanda taught is how vulnerable we are to storm surge. You cannot beat strong current by swimming alone and you cannot save your family’s life all at once when the water becomes so deep. One thing you can do is to make small rafts. While this may be time consuming and would take real effort, it is worth it especially that you can use it in preparation for other typhoons.

How to make a raft

Keep rice in plastic bottles. Most often than not, we store and keep our rice in bags. However, when heavy rains and strong winds take over, bags are susceptible to getting ripped. To avoid such hassle and to ensure that you will still have plenty of rice after the typhoon, keep them dry inside plastic bottles.

rice in bottles

Trash bags can be raincoats too. If you find raincoats too expensive, use trash bags when stuck in the rain. Just create a hole in the middle to put your head through, and leave the rest worn over you like capes.

Trash Bag for Rain Protection

Baby oil to avoid chill. If you will be under the rain or cold water, it is best to apply baby oil on the exposed skin. This can avoid chills, a condition in which cold weather may cause cough or flu.

Applying oil in the body

Bright lanterns are necessary. It is inevitable that power break-out will occur before, during and/or after the typhoon. To avoid living literally in the dark, be innovative and create a bright lantern with a headlamp attached to a clear water jug.

Coke Can Lantern

We probably can say that we are already resilient and prepared when it comes to typhoon issues. However, we should always keep ourselves in check and ensure that we will outlive any typhoon that would hit us. Keep safe!

Source: ViralNova, suroysuroytanijoblogspot.com & howtosurvive.com

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