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Sometime last week, two women made a scene at the mall. The catfight caught the shoppers’ attention as the two hit and degraded each other. What happened? One of the women, a wife, caught her husband having a date with his mistress, who is no other than the latter female. It is obvious what happened next—and the husband escaped the scenario.

In cases of marriage infidelity, it is usual that the husband is the one who cheats on his wife. Though this is no doubt immoral and unacceptable in the society (except in cultures where polygamy is allowed), men considered it normal among them to taste other “dishes” sometimes.

However, what if it is the wife who is cheating on her husband? Would men accept it as normal as when they do it? Are women having extra-marital affairs as rampant as with the men’s? Though woman infidelity is less common, it is possible and happening anywhere. Even if you despise the thought, it would not be impossible that is is happening in your own home.

There is no wrong in being observant and careful. Maybe you would just like to make sure that your mom is not doing anything horrible. Here are 3 signs that will help you know if your mother is cheating on your dad:

1. “Nobody touches my phone!”

This is the most obvious symptom of any infidelity between relationships. If your mother hisses at you whenever you borrow her cellphone to text a friend, you need to wonder why she is so protective of her gadget. If she is very careful that nobody, even her husband,  reads her inbox messages, like keeping a security code or not leaving it anywhere even in their room, there is a 98% sureness that she is doing something behind your backs.

2. “I’m going out with my amiga—how do I look?”

If before your mom was a homebuddy then suddenly she is always outside with her “amiga”, that is a change that should be noticed. What’s more, if whenever she goes out she always grooms herself like a teenager, then you should wonder who she is dying to please outside since you father is either at home or in the office.

3. “Not tonight, not tomorrow, just go to sleep!”

If you notice that your mother is always irritated with your father, even when he is trying to be sweet to her, it is another sign. Unless from the start your dad is really problematic, or she has always been unexpressive, a change in your mom’s attitude and treatment toward your father could mean that someone has replaced his place in her life or she is guilty of something and she does not want him near.

These mentioned signs should not be your lone basis for concluding that your mother is doing something wrong. You need to be carefully sensitive and observant to gather more evidences. Moreover, if  there is really something wrong, it is best that you confront her with respect. You should also encourage your dad to forgive and give her a chance—if she repents and turns from her mistake.